Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is Scottsdale the New Hollywood and Am I the Undead?

I understand it has been a while since I have written anything. Some changes have been made and for the record I would like to write them down for myself to remember and never look back. Ready? Here it goes... Johnny Walsh, History! John Cook, History! Okay Moving forward... haha wow that was easy...
So, I am a taken woman. Yet again I find myself a playing piece to the game of Love. His name is Ryson Gardner. He is a handsome young fellow and well, actually he is older than me and thats just the way I like it. Him and I started talking in February and then we have seen each other almost everday since! I would like to also state that when I started falling for him, I was in a good place mentally and emotionally. I wasn't feeling rebound or needy. Just self improved and independent. I am a new person and I have certain people to thank for those lessons. Won't name names but the lessons are:
Learn self worth. How much do you mean to yourself?
Learn to be happy by yourself. Would you be the last person alive and survive?
Learn to find distractions and keep busy. When was the last time you joined a club where you were able to try something new or meet new people?
And Lastly... Learn how to Stand Alone. I can't ephanize this question/lesson enough. Would you be able to experience and live life to it's fullest even though you wouldn't have anyone to share it with?
Now I'm not saying you shouldn't try to find someone to share life's adventures with. I know we weren't meant to be alone. Just don't feel like you need to find anybody even if they make you unhappy.
I am Scottsdale. The new Hollywood who is and wants to be a friend to all who want to be my friend. I will never turn someone away. I am very accepting and down to earth. I am upfront and honest. And loyal like a dog (man's best friend, haha in this case Ryson) who will never cheat, lie, or steal. I am drama free and high as a kite. I lift spirits and cheer up the sad or depressed.
Well, Thanks for reading and I'll keep writing :)

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